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Chromatic charter

A tool to enhance the architectural landscape.

Nuancier de Lavaur
Lavaur’s chromatic charter has been achieved thanks to a chromatic and architectural analysis of the city territory.

This is a practical tool, for decision support for any work on the facade of a building. The architectural quality specific to Lavaur implies respectful treatments of the living heritage, and also a continuation of its colored atmosphere in the modern frame.

Two colour charts are therefore provided : a traditional then a contemporary one.

This guide aims to advise the private persons as well as the professionals to choose the colored treatments that will enhance their facades (including the frames, joineries and ironworks), while keeping the unique character of each kind of building, without altering Lavaur’s architectural identity.

You can download the colour charts below, however the colours are not contractual. The leaflets are available with the urban planning local department.

- Traditional colour chart (for the facades prior to 1900)
- Contemporary colour chart (for the facades subsequent to 1900)

In order to ease the shades you will choose, we offer a match list with several "markings", given for information purposes.