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City-twinning schemes

Over the years, the city of Lavaur has built strong links with other European cities. These links enable, especially for the young Vaureans, to take a fresh look on Europe, especially thanks to our Spanish and German neighbours, with whom our city shares on a regular basis.


As part of the decentralized cooperation, a twinning is a relationship built between two cities from different countries, a relationship arising through some socio-cultural interaction. The city of Lavaur is twinned with the city of El Vendrell, in Spain.

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El Vendrell en Espagne
El Vendrell

Located in the Autonomous Community of Catalonia, and more precisely in the province of Tarragona, El Vendrell lies on the Mediterranen coast and has about 34 931 inhabitants..

The Clauzades middle school

Upon the initiative of Mrs Aragou, Spanish teacher, the Clauzades middle school is twinned with the IES Andreu Nin middle school of El Vendrell since 1998. During 9 days, about forty 8th grade pupils will visit their Catalan counterparts to improve their Spanish, and vice-versa. The middle-school has actually made 12 visits.

les professeurs (mai 1999) Echange scolaire (mars 2002)
Echange scolaire Talavera Echange scolaire Talavera (avril 2009)

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The Las Cases high-school

Since 2003, the Las Cases high-school has set up an exchange with the Talavera de la Reina high-school, in the valley of the Tagus, in the province of Toledo. In 2010, 43 pupils from each school were concerned.

For four years, the City Hall gives a financial help to this project.

The Las Cases high-school also shares with its pupils an exchange with the German high-school of Turckheim.

Lavaur’s Judo Club

Each year, the Lavaur Ryokan, first Tarn’s judo club, sets up an event between the judokas from the Kaufbeuren club (Germany) and the 230 young Vaureans members.

En 2010, this exchange celebrated its 20th birthday. These events represent a personal growth for these young sportsmen who benefit from a wider vision of their sport.

A charter will soon be created to formalize this exchange.


- Collège Les Clauzades
17 route de Caraman
81500 Lavaur
Tel: 05 63 83 11 20 (standard)
Fax: 05 63 83 11 30
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Site : les-clauzades-lavaur.entmip.fr

- Lycée général Las Cases
Place de la Résistance
81500 LAVAUR
Tel : 05 63 58 00 45
Email: 0810030t@ac-toulouse.fr
Site : las-cases.entmip.fr