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Economic landscape

Once a bishopric and a sub-prefecture, Lavaur has now become the guiding force of the Tarn’s third economic hub, following Castres and Albi.

Cauquillous business park

The implantation of Pierre Fabre’s dermo-cosmetic international headquarters. Following many years of attempts and economic upgrading, Pierre Fabre laboratories’ President chose Lavaur to accomodate the headquarters of the group’s dermo-cosmetic branch.

With a 20 ha surface area (some fields are still free), the Cauquillous industrial zone – where have settled the Fabre Laboratories, the Artistique Art et caractère print shop and several small and medium-sized businesses – profit from a complete facility : electricity networks, clean water, sanitation and sewage treatment plant.

The Cauquillous industrial park is 3 km from the Toulouse-Albi highway (A 68), 30 minutes from the Toulouse-Blagnac international airport. Provided with a train station (Gare SNCF), it is serviced by an internal passageway and is granted with a railway junction.

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Art et caractère

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Service Interprofessionnel de Santé au Travail du Tarn-Ouest

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Piscine Desjoyaux

Business & crafts

Lavaur has, on its outskirts, two other crafts and businesses areas, already accommodating many companies, craftsmen, and distributive trades.

Rouch shopping area

Arranged in 2007, the Rouch area is today a dynamic shopping area. Still booming, it offers several stores steadily attended by the Vaureans.

Lavaur main economical activities


Dermo-CosmétiqueThe Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetic Centre holds its international headquarters in Lavaur since 2000, in the small locality called Les Cauquillous. Piece of work of the famous architect Roger Taillibert (Fellow of the Institute), very contemporary in its design, its half-circular shape refers to the Yang symbol…

Unveiled in September, 2000, the Cauquillous Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetic Centre actually employs more than 300 people.

This centre regroups the directorates of several brands : Avène, Ducray, Klorane, Galénic, Pierre Fabre Dermatologie, René Furterer, as well as the related administrative services.

Provided with a cutting-edge research for an innovating cosmetology, the dermo-cosmetic branch of the Pierre Fabre Group is strongly expanding in France and worldwide. The Cauquillous Centre forms part of the willingness to further work and intensify this international development.

The Pierre Fabre group has also settled in 2005 on the former polyclinic site, former road to Toulouse, with almost 200 employees today.

Print shop

Art et Caractère is the Midi-Pyrénées’ reference print shop. It is known at the national level for its high-quality and its sheed-fed printing, forming and prepublishing service.

The shop is working for the biggest European payers (publishers, museums…).

« Cadrat d’Or » (national Oscar for the best printer) winner in 1993 and 2000, Art et Caractère is the first French print shop to get this award two times in seven years.

Equipped with material of the latest generation, the shop is in a position to achieve, from design to delivery, any kind of document ; magazines, catalogues, leaflets, beautiful books, in all areas of activity.

Its staff is about 100 employees.

Agriculture – agro-food – agro-supply

Lavaur is an important agricultural centre, of which activity greatly evolved during the second half of the XXth century. From the Lauragais and Albigenses hillsides to the Agout and Dadou valleys, the Lavaur and Vaurais’ land agricultural economy is organising around varied products :
- Field crops : cereals, oleaginous, corn and sorghum.
- Special crops : pink garlic from Lautrec, vegetable, seed.
- Arboriculture : apples, cherries…
- Winemaking : wines are prepared either in a particular cellar or in a cooperative winery.
- Farms : cattle, sheep, pigs, aviculture.

At the heart of this agricultural zone, several companies working in the fields of agro-supply, collecting, agro-food transformation and services are settled in Lavaur. Some of them grow a business at national or regional scale.

« Les Deux Vallées » fruits and vegetables Cooperative

This regional cooperative collects and sells 20 000 tonnes of apples and 120 tonnes of cherries, of which 75% are from Tarn and 25% from Tarn-et-Garonne.

The Cooperative has joined the Blue Whale Group, 1st French apples exporter (70% exported), processing 120 000 tonnes of fruits.

« Les Deux Vallées » Cooperative is equipped with calibration and packaging material, benefiting from the most recent technologies : calibration in the water, colorimetric sorting and qualitative electronic.

Fabries Amiflor

This Vaurean company, with about fifty employees, is specialized in manufacturing, packaging and distributing fertilisers, especially in small packs.

Its production is spreading across 3 sites : micro-bead fertilisers, soluble fertilisers, liquid fertilisers.

Today, Fabries Amiflor is in partnership with the greatest European fertilisers stakeholders, and is exporting worldwide.

The Fontorbe Estate

The Fontorbe Estate farming society (in French, Société civile d’exploitation agricole, SCEA) operates on 220 ha with apple trees and 9 ha with cherry trees. This orchard has joined « Les Deux Vallées » Cooperative, which stores and packages the apples (12 000 tonnes per year), and has also joined the Blue Whale Group, which sells it.

Depending on the year, the Property provides also from 40 to 80 tonnes of cherries. A part of the apple is turned into apple juice, a local product much appreciated by the families from the region.

En Ségur Estate

Created in 1989, this 26 ha vineyard is located on terraces made of pebbles and of silty gravel. Vineyards are planted in a noble grape varieties way, of which 77% are red (Gamay, Braucol, Duras, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot) and 23% are white (Sauvignon, Chardonnay).

The En Ségur Estate is provided with a modern and effective cellar, thermoregulated stainless steel tanks and a maturing cellar made with oak barrels.

Vines are provided and sold in the Côtes du Tarn.

Shops, crafts and services

Meaningful craft & shopping hub, Lavaur is at the heart of a catchment and trading area, which consists of nearly 30 000 inhabitants. Over 300 merchants and craftsmen with the most varied skills provide a full range of services and manufactured or crafted products :
- Personal furnishings (70)
- Home furnishings (41)
- Food and restaurants (55, of which 16 restaurants)
- Culture, entertainment, sports (56)
- Miscellaneous services (28)
- Financial services (9 banks and 11 insurance offices)
- Cars & motorcycles garages (13)
- Liberal professions (lawyers, notaries, court bailiffs…)

Fairs and markets

Every Saturday, the Vaurean Market welcomes over 100 producers, craftsmen and merchants, and over 10 000 consumers from Lavaur, the close cantons, or even Toulouse.


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Economic development department
Hôtel de Ville
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