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Lavaur’s old town owns a rich heritage reflecting the highlights of its urban development. The architecture of the city witnesses its historical past and provides to Lavaur a strong identity, dear to the Vaureans, and acknowledged by our guests.

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Le centre ancien de Lavaur, enserré par les allées (L. Blatgé)

The municipal will to preserve this unique quality of life leads to serious endeavours in order to handle the urbanization, to promote a high-quality architecture, and to protect the ancient real estate heritage.

Thanks to the inventory, we will know the heritage in order to protect it, promote it, and better bequeath it to the next generations.

- Project
Lavaur performs a revision of the land use plan, which will become the local development plan. Within this framework, the city wished to build an inventory, for a better knowledge of Lavaur’s architectural heritage, public or private. The preparing of the local development plan allows to launch a reflection concerning the rich heritage and his enhancement.

The marking operation is realised with the assistance of the heritage knowledge service from the Midi-Pyrénées Region, which provides a technical & scientific support.

- Achievement
The study aims to index the notable features and to identify the traditional building techniques. This locating was led first in the intramural city. Now it is spreading to the ancient boroughs, and to the zone outside urban areas.

The field survey, filled with historical research, leads to identify each item built of historical and heritage interest. A descriptive note is drafted for every structure.

Before the proceedings, one can suggest some preventive and ad hoc studies, to inform the owners and the general contractors that some heritage features remain – chimneys, stairs, soil, etc. – of which preservation and enhancement look necessary.

The mission head is at your disposal and can advise you for the purpose of developing your project, in close contact with the Architect of France’s Buildings in case of a property located around historic monuments.

- Outcome
The inventory leaflets are steadily uploaded on the "Patrimoines (i. e. "Heritage") en Midi-Pyrénées" web-based portal.

Everybody can inquire about his property before initiating some proceedings, and this database can be used as a discovery tool about the city and its neighbourhoods.

If you think that your house displays a historic, artistic or heritage interest, and you wish to contribute to enhance the study, or if you want to get information about remnants that drew your attention, you can call the town planning service :

Virtual tour : to the discovery of the Saint-Alain cathedral

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Cathédrale Saint Alain

[Click on the picture to access the 360° tour from the inside of the cathedral, and to the panoramic view of Lavaur’s old town, from the bell tower’s deck.]

- Thematic leaflets
The printed leaflets are at your disposal both at the city hall and the tourist office.

You can dowload it (as a pdf file) just by clicking on it.

Lire une façade01 : Read a facade in Lavaur
This leaflet helps you to identify the styles of the facades in the Lavaur’s old town, through the essential features of each time (from the Middle Ages to the XIXth century).
De porte à porte02 : From doors to doors
Discover the ancient entrance doors of Lavaur’s old town. An opportunity to discover and learn to look at these architecture items, which are sometimes some real masterpieces of woodworking !
le pan de bois03 : The timber framing
Lavaur’s old town keeps many timber framing facades. Discover this building technique, from the end of the Middle Ages to the XIXth century.

[Another leaflets will be uploaded soon]

- The inventory studies
Here you will find some files (pdf) about some edifices which were more investigated and documented.

photo doc pont Saint Roch
- The intramural city
- The old court house (City Hall)
- The old city’s slaughterhouses
- The bridge of Saint-Roch
- The former city’s mill
- The intramural houses
- The Pradier house, by the architect Pierre Debeaux

- Teaching materials
The heritage inventory mission in the old town enabled to make some documentation package for the teachers (elementary and middle school), for their guided visits of the old town and of the cathedral of Saint-Alain.

Urban planning department
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Email : urbanisme@ville-lavaur.fr