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Practical details

Here you will find all the practical details about the use of public facilities, water and sanitation, nuisances…

- Noise
- Safety
- Use of public facilities
- Water
- Sanitation
- Electricity and gas
- Clearing by fire
- Rats
- Street lighting


To protect everyone’s peace, handiwork and gardening using some heat engine apparatus and noisy machines are allowed, by virtue of the bylaw (July 25th, 2000) regulating neighbourhood noises, at the following times :
- On working days from 9 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 8 pm.
- On Saturday from 9 am to 12 pm and from 3 pm to 8 pm.
- On Sunday and statutory holidays from 10 am to 12 pm.


Holidays tranquility
All the year round, the local police provides the Holidays tranquility (in French, Tranquilité Vacances) service to the Lavaur residents who wish to go on vacation.

During the patrols, the police checks that nothing suspect and no infringement was committed while you were away. Thus you can peacefully enjoy your holidays.

To benefit from this service, get in touch with the Lavaur local police :

Use of public facilities

Every use of public facilities (streets, sidewalks, places) has to be submitted by a written request to the Secretariat of the local technical services.

Here are few examples which request an approval from short to medium duration :

- Installation of a scaffold or of a construction site fence.
- Deposition of materials.
- Installation of heavy machinery (crane, fork-lift trucks…).
- Vehicle parking in case of works.
- Installation of debris dumpsters.
- Vehicle parking in case of relocation.

Requests for permission have to be made at least 15 days before the scheduled installation.


Clean water

The Montagne Noire de Cuq Toulza Water Intermunicipal Union (in French, le Syndicat Intercommunal des Eaux de la Montagne Noire de Cuq Toulza) operates the water service.

The supplied water comes from the dams of the Cammazes and the Galaube, located at the heart of the Montagne Noire, protected from any pollution.

Drinking water from the tap is 100 to 300 times cheaper than bottled water and helps to reduce the plastic waste.

For any problem in connection with water, get in touch with :

Syndicat Intercommunal des eaux de la Montagne Noire du Tarn
Route de Castres
81500 LAVAUR
Tél :
Fax :
Site : www.i-emn.fr


You plan to build a well in your garden for household use ? Since January 1st, 2009 (decree 2008-652 of July 2nd, 2008), please note that a notification with your City Hall is henceforth required. A monitoring of the work has also to be carried out after the well has been achieved.

Following the achievement of your well, you will have to comply with control measures of your construction and your indoor installations of clean water supply, normally every 5 years, under penalty of law. The aim is to avoid from any potential contamination of the public network that could be generated by your well.


Collective sanitation

An ecological process as early as 1995 and a 1.3 millions euros invested from 1995 to 2009 : birth of the Cauquillous sewage treatment plant in 2001, expanded in 2009 ; extending of the Fonteneau sewage treatment plant ; separation of the storm drainage and sanitation system in the whole center of Lavaur ; for every roadworks undertaken : enhancement of the sanitation pipes ; two stormwater basins, in the Clauzades and in the Cauquillous.

Véolia Eau (i. e. Véolia Water)

The collective sanitation service has been delegated to Véolia Eau, world leader of the water and sanitation services, whose abilities relate to the clean water production, the wastewaters treatment and their discharge in the natural surroundings.

Véolia Eau provides a good-quality water, fulfilling the most stringent health-related and consumer protection requirements.


Water pricing may substantially vary from an area to another.

Generally, the price structure, locally determined, consists in a fixed part (subscription) and in a variable part based upon the water consumption of each customer.

Three elements are taken into account : the clean water service, the sanitation service, the taxes and fees.

Veolia Eau
5 impasse de Sagnes
81500 LAVAUR
Tél : 0.811.902.903.
Website : www.veoliaeau.com

Individual sanitation

The Community of Communes Tarn-Agoût has created the Non-Collective Sanitation Public Service (in French, Service Public d’Assainissement Non Collectif – SPANC) for individual sanitation.

Every owner whose land is not serviced by a collective sanitation network, and willing to set up or to restore a sanitation facility, has to refer to his town in order to build a case (to take from the urban planning local service or the Community of Communes Tarn-Agoût).

More information

Electricity and gas

Municipal utility ESL (Energies Services Lavaur) : a proximity public service !

Energies Services Lavaur
18 av Victor Hugo
81500 LAVAUR
Tel: 05 63 83 64 80
Fax : 05 63 83 64 89
Electricity troubleshooting : 05 63 58 03 61
Gas emergency : 05 63 58 66 66
Website : www.esl-energies.fr

Clearing by fire

Forests, heaths, scrubland & garrigues fire risks prevention

Applying of the bylaw from February 22nd, 1999.

Using fire is forbidden at any time and for everybody except the owners or their rightholders, who can light a fire, throw burning items, including cigarette ends inside and until 200 meters inside burnable natural areas.

Using fire by the owners or their rightholders is forbidden during the period from May 15th to October 15th.

This period can be amended with a bylaw based on weather conditions.

Apart from the May 15th - October 15th period, incinerating vegetable inside and until less than 200 meters inside burnable natural areas is subject to declaration.

This rule in none of your concern if you are located beyond 200 meters from burnable natural areas.

This rule applies to you : where to inquire ?

Mairie (i. e. City Hall)
Place du Général Sudre
CS 60088
81503 LAVAUR
Email: mairie@ville-lavaur.fr

Direction Départementale de l’Agriculture et de la Forêt (i. e. Departmental office of agriculture and forest)
Cité Administrative
81013 Albi Cedex 09
Tel :

Préfecture du Tarn, Service interministériel de Défense et de Protection Civile (i. e. Tarn prefecture, Defense and Civil protection interministerial service)
81013 Albi Cedex 09
Tel :

Service Départemental d’Incendie et de Secours (i. e. Fire & Rescue Prefectural Department)
15 rue de Jautzou
BP 18
81027 Albi Cedex
Tel :

- You are located inside or less than 200 meters inside burnable natural areas. You are owner or rightholder (a person who owns a right granted by the owner, for instance : tenants (of the soil, of the hunt), farmers, trustees). For you, using fire is forbidden all the year round !
- You are neither owner nor rightholder : for you, using fire is forbidden from May 15th to October 15th.

Using fire is ruled by the bylaw of February 22nd, 1999, related to the burnable natural areas fire prevention..

Outdoors burning of the green garbage

Rules to preserve the environment
By applying the rules of the environmental code and of the departmental sanitary regulation, the outdoors burning of the green garbage (elements from lawn mowing, pruning of hedges and shrubs, tree trimming residua, gardens waste, dead leaves, etc…) is forbidden.

These green garbage must absolutely be composted on-site, crushed or brought to the waste disposal site.

The clearing by fire practice, the headed burning and the fires connected to farming activities are outside the scope of the said bylaw connected to the green garbage. They should be subject to a special authorization request.


Article 13 of the bylaw from February 22nd, 1999, related to the burnable natural areas fire prevention, notes that :

"Brushing and keeping well brushed enough are mandatory :

- Near the constructs, construction sites, proceedings and installations of any kind, on a 50 meters depth and 10 meters on either side of driways providing access ; proceedings are paid by the owners of the constructs, construction sites, proceedings and installations, and by his rightholders, whoever owns the field.
- On the field located in an urban area of a land use plan, which is public and approved, or of an urban planning document taking the place of the land use plan in the coordinated management areas, the residential areas, urban land associations, the camping and caravanning fields, proceedings being paid by the owners and the rightholders of the field.


The town leads two rat control operations in order to treat the sanitation networks and public spaces.

Mice and rat poisons are made available for free for private persons. They can be obtained from the technical municipal services.

Street lighting

Municipal utility Energie-Service-Lavaur.
For every malfunction of the street lighting (burned out lamps, etc.), tel :


Mairie de Lavaur
Place du Général Sudre
CS 60088
81503 Lavaur
Email: mairie@ville-lavaur.fr

Services techniques
300 Chemin d’en Roudil
81500 LAVAUR
Tél :
Email : st@ville-lavaur.fr