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The City Hall

By taking place in the old courthouse in September, 2011, the new City Hall revived an outstanding building of Lavaur’s urban landscape and has formed part of the heritage and continuing process.

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L’Hôtel de Ville, situé au coeur de Lavaur, depuis 2011.
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Inauguration de l’Hôtel de ville par le Président de la République en 2012

The relocation gave us the opportunity to meet the Vaurean’s needs through a higher-quality service and an improved accessibility.

The new City Hall building site

The building site, which began on March, 2010, has respected the original disposal and the architectural identity of the building..
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La Ville a reçu le prix départemental des Rubans du patrimoine pour l’aménagement de l’Hôtel de Ville, premier service public local, en 2012.

The proceedings concerned the work on the roofs and the facades first.

The damaged stones were restored with a resurfacing mortar and the panels were coated, stitched and refurbished.

All the joineries, doors and windows, were rendered identical, by using the ironwork grilles again.

Inside the building, the soil treatment revived the brightness of the yellow, red, marly bricks-made tiles.

Most of the marbled chimneys have been kept, as well as the main staircase railing and the pine panelling.

The building meets the new safety and accessibility standards for disabled guests and is part of a desire for sustainable development (energy savings and sealing measures).

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Please read the heritage inventory ( September, 2011)

The City Hall, before the proceedings : the courthouseAfter the proceedings : the new City Hall
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La salle des pas perdus
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L’ancienne salle des pas perdus, devenue le salon d’honneur de l’Hôtel de Ville. Les mariages y sont célébrés, les réceptions, organisées.
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Le hall d’entrée
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L’ancien hall d’entrée, devenu l’accueil de l’Hôtel de Ville.
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La salle d’audience
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L’ancienne salle d’audience, transformée en salle du conseil municipal.