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Zooming in on the associations

Lavaur is a sportive city ! It is characterized by an outstanding sportive associative dynamic. Some of the Vaurean sportive associations know a national and international recognition in both individual and collective sports.


Rugby : in 2010, ranked as one of the 20 best French clubs in Federal 1.
Basket : in 2010, Regional Division, France Minime final stage.
Soccer : reaching the Honor Division following their 2010 performance.
Hand-ball : a brand new club is getting its bearings.
Trampoline / Tumbling : 1 selected in the Junior Trampoline French Team / An international referee.

In Swimming, Fencing, Karate, Judo, Athletics, a representation at the finals of the French championship.

Some celebrities come from the Vaurean associative network :

Wilfried FORGUES, canoeing Olympic champion (Lavaur club’s coach).
N’TAMACK, GUITER, DALLA RIVA come from the local rugby club.

A very rich associative offer

A survey led with the federation, in 2010, gave us the opportunity to list the total of the sports club membership cards. The final result : 50 associations giving a sample of over 30 sports with 4 096 owning a licence, representing 38.85% of Lavaur’s inhabitants. If we take into account the members, this number overcomes 60%.

A regular involvement in the local actions

Since September, 1999, our local associative network get involved with the Local Education Contract. In 2010, 20 associations (that is to say, 40% of the Vaurean associations) got involved with the Libr’Action Juillet apparatus. This service represents 163 sessions, i. e. 424 hours and about 200 children and youth concerned.

Here you can soon read the list of the Vaurean sportive associations.


Mairie de Lavaur
Service municipal Sport et Jeunesse
B.P. 88 - 81503 LAVAUR Cedex
Tél. :
Email : smsj@ville-lavaur.fr

Piscine Municipale (Municipal swimming-pool)
Route de Caraman
81500 LAVAUR
Tel :

Tennis Club
Avenue Jacques Besse
81500 LAVAUR
Tel :

Gymnase de Sagnes
La Tarnaise
67 Avenue Jacques Besse
81500 LAVAUR
Tel :

Nouvelle Halle aux Sports (New Sports Hall)
Tel :