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The city of Lavaur respects and values its environment.

Flowered city

Lavaur ville fleurieThe flowered cities & towns contest was created in 1959, organised in France to promote the development of the green areas in the cities. Lavaur, sensitive to the maintenance of its green areas and to the respect of its environment, was awarded 2 flowers during this contest.

Lavaur, capital city of the land of milk and honey, is a city where life is good. During the good days, walking in the gardens and on the alleys shaded thanks by the sycamores is delightful.

The public gardens watch with special attention the 15 to 20 000 plants cultivated in the municipal covered greenhouses of En Roudil (700 m2). They take pride in providing every year a special treatment to the arrangement of the gardens and of the flowerbeds of the Vaurean roundabouts.

The green areas’ staff brings also lots of care to the local sports stadia, the municipal swimming-pool paddling pool and to the leisure centre.

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promenade arborée
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Hôtel de ville de Lavaur
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Jardin public


The city of Lavaur wants to preserve its environment and always strives to improve its ecological footprint.

Increasingly aimed at an "environmental" practice, the activity of the municipal gardeners emphasizes the reasoned watering (water retaining in the bins), the using of organic fertilisers on the roundabouts and in the gardens, the using of the Agoût waters to sprinkle the Clauzades stadium and the Integrated Biological Protection (IBP, in French, Protection Biologique Intégrée – PBI).

First Tarnean city which introduced the IBP in the greenhouses, Lavaur applies its method consisting in containing the pests insects by introducing useful insects in order to maintain the ecosystemic balance.

The city gives priority to the green components to build the new buildings. For instance, the new central kitchen, besides using wherever possible some ecological materials, will have a green roof and will use daily some healthy cleaning materials. This green approach has become a priority for the city and will be applied to many projects.

Here are some activities carried out to safeguard our quality of life :
- "Dosatron" (a dosing device used during the spreading of the phytosanitory products) installed at the level of the roads, gardens and stadia : the high accuracy dosing prevents from any overdosing, thus contributing to the respect of the environment and to protect the operators.
- Subsurface drip (gyratories of the road of Castres and of the station).
- Nitrogen biodynamization of the sports fields (stadium next to the Clauzades’ and Rieux stadium) to reduce the input of fertilisers, the shearing rate, and to have our lawn greener.
- Recycling the green dishes, light bulbs and neons, metals, oils, tracing cans for the sports fields.
- Cleanness plan : Toutounets (i. e. Puppies), sweepers, floor washer-driers, communication campaign in favour of a clean city.
- Bicycle parking.
- Playgrounds place du Foirail, in the gardens of the Bishopric, to the Pigné.
- Bike path Jacques Besse avenue, and soon some new ones : Cayre, Mailly, & Mengaud streets.
- The consolidated bridge of Labarthe.
- 2 stormwater basins, in the Clauzades and in the Cauquillous.


Flowered houses

A contest aiming to reward the makers of the most beautiful floral decorations for houses, balconies or shops, takes place every year in Lavaur.

The jury tour occurs on July.

If you wish to registry, please contact the local technical services.
Information and registry :


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Panneau Toutounet

Since 2007, some "Toutounets" are installed in several places of the city centre.

The "Toutounets" make it possible to clean your dog droppings.

This task, which might seem a bit burdensome, is though a good means to lighten the city expenditure for the cleaning of the streets and remains a sign of respect between citizens.

It is thus important that everyone participates.

Some reserved areas for your dogs have also been installed in the public garden so they could also enjoy fresh air.

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Jardins de Lavaur

You can read here the decree laying down the rules for using the public parks, gardens and green spaces.