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Hospital center

Lavaur’s Hospital Centre, in partnership with the Toulouse University Hospital Centre, offers to the city (and its surroundings) residents a supply of care combining high-quality and proximity at the same time.

A bit of history

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Centre hospitalier de Lavaur

The early work of Lavaur diocese general hospital was partly funded with a 1 800 pounds yearly legacy, granted by Victor Augustin de Mailly, Lavaur’s bishop from 1687 to 1712.

The laying of the first stone was done on April 11th, 1729, and the structural work was achieved in 1733. However, the edifice was delivered in 1756 only. This wide brick building, with its courtyard and gardens, represents a remarkable set.

Emptied of its patients between 1756 and 1772, it is then used as a spinning and weaving company, then elevated as a royal manufacture.

Some extension work of the hospital were led around 1845 then resumed by the end of the century under the impetus of Doctor Georges Guiraud.

Revival of the Hospital Centre

Since the signature, in 2009, of an agreement which unites it with the Toulouse University Hospital Centre (UHC, i. e. Centre Hospitalier Universitaire, CHU), Lavaur’s hospital is an effective Regional Hospital Centre : it has become the third gateway of the UHC (after Rangueil and Purpan). This agreement, approved by Roselyne Bachelot, Minister of Health, gave a boost to the hospital.

Today, consultations are provided in Lavaur, by some Professors of Medicine from the UHC, a scan has been made, then the maternity and the Rehabilitative and Aftercare are progressively expanded.


Centre hospitalier
1, place Vialas 81502 Lavaur
Switchboard : 05 63 58 81 81
General fax : 05 63 58 84 99
Email : directeur@ch-lavaur.fr
Website : http://www.ch-lavaur.fr/

Centre Psychothérapeutique PINEL (PINEL Psychotherapeutic Centre)
Route de Toulouse, 81500 Lavaur
Tel. : 05 63 58 81 81
Fax. : 05 63 58 84 99