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Learning resources

The city of Lavaur makes available for teachers and groups attendants several learning files to help you to discover the architecture of the city or to prepare your visit to the museum.

These files are made in partnership with the National Education in order to meet the school’s expectations at best.

For some specific projects, please contact us.

Activity programme of the Vaurean Land Museum for 2015-2016.

PDF - 582 kb
Télécharger le Programme d’activités du musée du pays vaurais 2015-2016

Lavaur, Le Nez en l’air (i. e. Staring at the sky)…

On a tour of the city’s heritage for the elementary and middle schools.

This set of files is made within the framework of the heritage inventory mission, launched in partnership with the inventory regional service.

It aims to give keys for reading to the visits of Lavaur’s architectural heritage. In a first document, we offer an architectural route in the old town, to the discovery from the Middle Ages to the XIXth century. The two other documents are dedicated to the cathedral of Saint-Alain : one for the architecture, the other for the decor.

Every learning document, intended for teachers, comes with activities to have in the classroom after the tour.

Get the files with the Media center (find the contact in the right-hand column), or download it on this page (A3 size, foldable in 4). Activities and games are to be printed from here, in the specified sizes.

Learning files

PDF - 919.4 kb
Parcours architectural dans la ville

PDF - 1.1 Mb
La cathédrale Saint-Alain. Architecture

PDF - 1.3 Mb
La cathédrale Saint-Alain. Décor et usages

Activities and games about the tours

Photo maison médiévale Photo vocabulaire architecture gothique Photo géométrie d'une rose
La maison médiévale Vocabulaire de l’architecture gothique Géométrie d’une rose
Doc. enseignant (A4) Doc. enseignant (A4) Doc. collège (A3)
Doc. cycle 2 (A3) Doc. cycle 2 et 3 (A3)
Doc. cycle 3 (A4) Doc. collège (A3)

Reading the city, architectural glossary

Architecture as seen by the children

Photo Lire la villeDuring the 2013/2014 school year, two classes from the Centre elementary school (first and second grade) had an appointment with the architecture. The purpose was to raise their awareness with the wealth of the Lavaur local heritage.

This work, done by kids and for kids, is born from the close cooperation between the National Education and the Vaurean Land Museum.

You can use this learning file without restraint in addition to the city routes « Le Nez en l’air ». Please feel free to download it.


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