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Social aid

Aid for the Vaureans. The Social Aid welcomes and informs you about the various services offered by the city of Lavaur to ease your life, and it helps you to create your administrative files.

Seniors information space

Access the information about the Seniors information space.

Disabled guests

DCDG files (Departmental Centre for Disabled Guests, i. e. Maison Départementale pour les Personnes Handicapées, MDPH) :
- Benefits fo disabled adults.
- Compensatory disability benefits.
- Disability or priority card.
- European parking card.

Housing and domestic services are cared by the social aid.

Opened to all

UHC (Universal Health Cover, i. e. Couverture Maladie Universelle, CMU), HAA (Healthcare Additional Assistance, i. e. Aide Complémentaire Assistance, ACS), means-tested.


Sabine Vacher
Tel :
By appointment.
Possibility of home visiting.

Centre Communal d’Action Sociale
Espace Saint Roch - 2, rue de l’Abattoir
81500 LAVAUR
Tél :
Email : ccas@ville-lavaur.fr
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Download the Lavaur social welfare services guide.