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Support to the associations

The Lavaur City Hall supports the associations and gives them access for free to a lot of tools, rooms and public infrastructure for their activity.

Local minivans

The City Hall, in partnership with Lavaur economic, industrial and commercial fabric, gives to the associations of the city the opportunity to enjoy, freely, two minivans, of which one is equipped for disabled guests.

To book a minivan :

→ First time use : you forward a filled copy of the agreement along with a booking form to the Sports and Youth service. Click the picture below to have access to the booking file.

PDF - 190.2 kb

Booking of work tools

The city of Lavaur gives the associations an access to :
- A beamer
- A digital camcorder
- Plasticizing, binding and photocopying tools
- An Internet access

Booking of meeting rooms

- Sports service’s meeting room
Every sportive associations willing to meet, for their executive board or their general assembly, can book the Sports and Youth local service’s meeting room.

- The room (Avenue de la Gare)
This room can accomodate about forty people for trainings. Provided with a wall-mounted screen, it will help to ensure the proper conduct of your meetings.

How to book the room ?

For a first request, fill the provision of premises (download here), then make your request by writing to the Sports service with reference to the original agreement.

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Halle aux grains

La Halle aux Grains (the Corn Exchange)
This about 450 m2 room can accomodate 420 people and 350 chairs. A 50 m2 podium is also available.

JPEG - 20.5 kb
Halle d’Occitanie

La Halle d’Occitanie (the Occitania Hall)
This 700 m2 room can accomodate 770 people. It is also possible to put in 650 chairs.

JPEG - 28.6 kb
Chai des Clauzades

Le Chai des Clauzades (the Clauzades’ Winery)
The Winery is approximatively 280 m2 (entrance + locker room + restroom) with a 243 people accomodation capacity. 269 chairs are available on-the-spot, as well as 20 to 30 various sized tables. To organize a meal, the Winery can welcome 200 to 220 people. However, there are no dishes.

Information from the General Secretariat.

To book one of these rooms, a meeting takes place during the first quarter of each year. You can also get in touch with the respective persons in charge of the rooms you want to book.

Corn Exchange, Occitania Hall and the Clauzades’ Winery are available for free for the associations or the not-for-profit structures of the city of Lavaur. However, the external associations and the companies can rent it.


Mairie - Service municipal Sport et Jeunesse (City Hall – Sports and Youth local department)
CS 60088
81503 LAVAUR Cedex
Tél. :
Email : smsj@ville-lavaur.fr

Secrétariat général (General Secretariat)
Tel :
Email : sg@ville-lavaur.fr

Halle aux Grains (Corn Exchange)
Tel :

Halle d’Occitanie (Occitania Hall)
Tel :

Chai des Clauzades (Clauzades’ Winery)
Tel :]

To book : download the documents : agreements or booking forms :
- Sports and Youth local service’s meeting room
- Beamer
- Large screen
- Camcorder